Legae Academy 01





Principal: Mr. E. Oommen, M. Sc., BSc, B.Ed. 

Vice-Principal: Mr. J. Hutcheson, B. Sc., PGCE 

Deputy Vice-Principal: Mr. T. Hutton, BA(Hons), PGCE, Dip.Ed, Dip. Sp.Eng, Dip.Child Dev, Cert. ESL. 

Admin.Assist: Mr. L. Tembo, B.Sc, Dip.Ed. 

HOD Maths: Mr. K. Ganapathy, BSc., BT.(Ed.) 

HOD Agric.: Mr. T. A. Bray B. Sc., Dip in Edn.  

HOD Sports: Mr. J. Grihault A. S. A 

HOD Soc. Sci.: Mrs. T E Kumalo, BA in Edn; BA (Hons) in Geography; M Ed 

HOD Art & Design: Mr Fidler

HOD Commerce: Mrs. H. Jahoor B. Com., B. Edn. 

HOD Computer Mr. L. Muyela, Higher Dip. in Computer, Dip in Com Technical Edn. 
Coordinator, Setswana Mrs. M. M. Sebogodi B A; CDE; M. Sc 

Coordinator, English Mr. P. K. Arthur B.A. (Hons.), Dip in Ed 

Coordinator, ESL Mrs. L. A. Van Zyl, BA, PGDE 

Coordinator, French: Mr. J. C. Sande B Ed 

Coordinator, Physics: Mrs. D. Thathanath M.Sc, B.Ed 

Coordinator, Chemistry: Mr. I. Sibanda, B. Sc in Chemistry and Ed. 

Coordinator, Biology: Mrs. E. Oommen, M.Sc, B.Sc, B.Ed, Hon Dip. ETechnology in Computing. 

Coordinator, Lower School Sci.: Mr. A. C. Benn BSc (Hons) with PGCE 

Coordinator, Music Ms. L. J. Phaure BA in Music, Dip in Art 

Coordinator, Gui/Counselling Ms. A. Page BA (Hons), PG Certificate in Edn

Coordinator, A-Level: Mr. G. Dube, BEd., BA. 

Coordinator, Exams: Mrs. J. Velesco, BA. 

Mrs. S. Antony, BSc; B Ed 

Mrs. Balebetse, BA, PGDE 

Mrs. Charumbira BA (Hons), PGDE 

Mr. J. Chima B Sc, Dip in Edn 

Mrs. N. D. Dipholo, BA 

Ms. P. Franccesca, Higher Dip and Cert in Sports 

Mr. V. P. Gangadharan, BSc, B Ed 

Mr. K. A. George M. Sc; B.Ed 

Mr. F. Gomo B. Sc, M. A Dip in Edn 

Mrs. V. Johnson, M Sc; B Ed 

Mrs. A. B. Karingada, M. Sc, B. Sc, B. Edn 

Mrs. B. Kaumba, Adv. Dip. Ed.,Dip. Edn. 

Ms. I. Kgang, BA; MPhil; PGDE 

Mr. S. Madega B Sc (Hons) 

Mr. F. Makowe BSc; Dip in Edn 

Mr. K. Malyenkuku, Dip.Ed., Dip.Accnt 

Mrs. S. Martin B.E; M. Tech; Dip in Comp; Dip in Edn 

Mr. L. Maswanhise B.Ed: Dip in Edn 

Mrs. R. R. Mirindra BA 

Mr. J. Mokibelo B Sc, M Ed, PGDE 

Mrs .A. Mubika B. A, M. Ed 

Mr. F. E. Mugweri B.A.(Ed) 

Mrs. M. Mutepfa B. A (Edn), M. A 

Mrs. Mutepha MA; BA; Dip Edn 

Mrs. S. B. Nair M. Com, B. Com, B. Edn 

Mr. W. Nduka Higher Dip. Computer 

Mr. T. Nhete B. Com (Hons), Dip Edn 

Mr. O. Setlang, B Ed; M Ed; Dip in Edn 

Mrs. L. Simwinga BA ED 

Mrs. J. Somadas, BSc; B Ed 

Mr. C. N. Takayandise B Sc, Dip in Edn 

Ms. T. Veva BA; Cert in Edn 

Mr. M. Medupe Assoc Degree in IT (Teacher Assistant) 

Ms. O. L. Mmereki BA (Part-time French) 

Mr. S. Baikatlhodi (Part-time Music) 


Managing Director: Ms. M.T. O’Connell 

Pers Assist. for Principal & MD: Mrs. M. Baoleki 

Bursar: Mrs. P. King-Eeson 

Admin. Assist. for V. Principal: Mrs. T. Jacobs 

Librarian: Mrs. A. Jansen 

Laboratory Technician: Mr. T. Tshwenyogo 

Laboratory Technician: Mr. S. Molaakgosi 

Laboratory Assistant: Miss O. Mokgethi 

Laboratory Assistant: Ms. F. Manko 

Stock Controller: Ms. C. Madibele 

Assistant Bursar: Ms S. Segaetsho

Receptionist: Mrs. G. Botlhole 

Maintenance Officer/Supervisor: Mr. G. Madikwe 

Driver: Mr. D. Raphokojwane 

Nurse: Ms. M. A. Mosenki


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Managing Director: Ms. M.T. O’Connell

Pers Assist. for Principal & MD: Mrs. M. Baoleki

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Principal: Mr. E. Oommen, M. Sc., BSc, B.Ed.

Vice-Principal: Mr. J. Hutcheson, B. Sc., PGCE

About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae’s tradition of success in external examinations has  been further recognised by the MOE, which commended the  school “for its high performance in both IGCSE and HIGCSE  examinations”. The ministry of Education further noted that:  “This good performance is attributed to a number of factors  such as highly qualified staff, small class size, reasonable  teaching loads, good and adequate physical facilities  and resources, and a conducive teaching and learning  environment. The highly qualified teachers of the school are  optimally utilised.” (1998 Inspection Report)  “Legae Academy is focused on students achieving academic  excellence and has a good organisation structure in place to  enable the school to deliver its objective. Inspection findings  revealed that the school has many strengths, particularly in  producing good grades at final exams.”