Legae Academy

Current results

Once more, an excellent result, produced by our exam classes reflects the quality of education Legae Academy is providing to its students. Our highly successful A-Level programme is proven to be one of the best in Botswana.

Highlights of 2017 IGCSE Results

*+A: 57.1%

A*+A+ B: 86.5%

A*+A+ B+ C: 97.1%

65 students earned the maximum points (48) according to UB scale system.


IGCSE Credit Percentage from 2009


About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae Academy opened its gates in January 1992 with its mission of providing ordinary Batswana with access to world-class Secondary Education at an affordable cost. In keeping with its commitment to provide world class education that meets the competitive demands of the 21st century, the Academy has pioneered the introduction into Botswana of the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and Higher International General Certificate of Education (HIGCSE). Due to the decision made by the Cambridge to phase out HIGCSE and also because of the great demand for the internationally recognized A-Level course, the school introduced A – Level in 2006. A-level course is an entrance qualification for University Education around the world. These two established, University of Cambridge externally monitored, international curricula give students the opportunity to go beyond Botswana’s local examinations standard.