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Career Assistance 2015

What do you want to be when you grow up? A doctor? A lawyer? Maybe even a pilot? What would you do if you had the opportunity to sit down and chat with people from your dream profession? What questions would you ask? At this year’s Career Assistance Day form 3’s had the opportunity to meet and engage with professionals across all fields. They had the world in front of them, literally.


Dr. Mullineux captivated the young minds with matters relating to the field of medicine. Throughout his entire presentation he managed to keep the students in the palm of his steady doctors’ hands, carving into them with the scalpel of his words, reaching their minds, hearts and souls, exposing their hopes and dreams. Also from the scientific field was Mr. Kwerepe from the engineering sector. Helping to put down the saying that engineering is for boys (girls love it too) he managed to have both genders equally interested. Highlighting the perks and the not so fun aspects of his job, he left no stone unturned. Mr. Tshepo Tsheko represented the IT department extremely well, proving that computers aren’t just for geeks. Describing the day to day activities his job entails, (and no, hacking is not one of them) he left the students with a bit of IT in their minds.

The business sector was also present during the day. Mr. Gartland Richard from the Finance field showed everybody that numbers can in fact be fun. Describing his job in full detail, painting a picture with not just 1’s and 2’s, he managed to keep the students listening, answering whatever questions they had. From the Accounting field it was Mr. Obakeng Mmopi, who explained to students exactly what it takes to be an accountant, (Being good in math does help) and reassure everybody that accounting isn’t really that hard. The Marketing field was also done justice by Ms. Pauline Barungwi.

Aspiring lawyers were left happy after Me. Gorata Dibutelo got to the podium. The beautiful lawyer echoed the fact that girls do indeed run the world, or in this case, the boardroom. Explaining her day to day activities, (sadly she doesn’t just defend criminals all day) she helped everyone realize that being a lawyer takes hard work and determination and not just a big mouth. Elegant and well spoken, she kept everyone intrigued.

To help in career motivation, Ms. Lilian Moremi and Ms. Precious Mashaite were next on to the podium. They offered much needed advice to the young students about how to pick the right career.

For those who dream of flying, the sky was the limit, literally as Mr. Kabelo Letlhare took the stage representing Botswana’s own flying school, IAS Aviation Academy. Encouraging the form 3’s to spread their wings, he did more than justice to all pilots.

For the artists the day was not wasted as Mr. Ketshogile Gaseitsiwe talked about the Architectural field. Explaining what it is that got him this far, and helping out underline what it takes to be a successful architect, he managed to design a dreams of a future career in many of the students minds.

The day yielded incredible results as the form 3’s got a clearer picture of what their dream careers are really all about. Certainly they will come back to Legae as alumni to give the same talk to their future children and encourage them on their life journey. 

Article by

Diana George (6ASD)

About Legae Academy Botswana

Legae Academy opened its gates in January 1992 with its mission of providing ordinary Batswana with access to world-class Secondary Education at an affordable cost. In keeping with its commitment to provide world class education that meets the competitive demands of the 21st century, the Academy has pioneered the introduction into Botswana of the International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE) and Higher International General Certificate of Education (HIGCSE). Due to the decision made by the Cambridge to phase out HIGCSE and also because of the great demand for the internationally recognized A-Level course, the school introduced A – Level in 2006. A-level course is an entrance qualification for University Education around the world. These two established, University of Cambridge externally monitored, international curricula give students the opportunity to go beyond Botswana’s local examinations standard.